Ethel Bruneau: Celebrating a Life in Tap

26 Jan 2019 Montréal, Quebec (Canada)


Time : 20hrs
Venue : La Sala Rossa
Address : 4848 boul St-Laurent
State : Quebec
Contact Website : https://www.luxmagna.ca/schedule-calendrier/2019/1/26/ethel-bruneau-celebrating-a-life-in-tap

** An evening bringing together tap dancers and live musicians to celebrate the legendary Miss Swing, Ethel Bruneau **

Tap dancer, singer and MC Ethel Bruneau, now 82 years old, was born in Harlem and began her life of tap at only 3 years of age. In 1953 she left Harlem with the Cab Calloway Orchestra and arrived in Montreal for a 3-week gig. Lucky for us she stayed and influenced countless generations of rhythm tappers in Montreal.

In this premiere performance of classic and newly created original numbers, we will be paying homage to Ms. Bruneau and her legacy, and to remind us all of the power of TAP.

She will be joined on stage by her three grandchildren, several dance protégés and a thirteen-piece big band.

More info:

The night will include a special feature from the collaboration of Ethel’s protégés Travis and Tanya Knights with Andrés Vial, presenting repertoire by Thelonious Monk.

Other performances will include:

Dancers: Tisha Llewellyn, Majiza Philip, Tesfa Llewellyn (grandchildren), Kyle Briggs (protégé), and Krista Riley!

Marie Fatima Rudolf (piano), Valérie Lacombe (drums), Jonathan Chapman (bass), Julie Richard (sousaphone), Modibo Keita, Alex Desjardins (trombones), Andy King (trumpet), Claire Devlin, Geneviève Gauthier, Patrice Luneau (saxophones) and Liberté-Anne Lymberiou (musical direction).lux-magna-ethel

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